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When looking for a Paintball Field Listing, it is important to know what you are wanting first.

When it comes to a hobby you want to find something you will enjoy, not just “whatever I can find.”

As such, you will want to pay attention to things like the following:

  • The size of the field – is it big enough for you? They come in many sizes from indoor arenas to outdoor wildernesses.

  • The Paintball Rules enforced – if they will not allow you to use the gun you want, it probably is not going to be a good match.

  • The Paintball Games hosted – most have organized games set up already that you can join in on. If you are heavily into Capture the Flag and all that is available at the field you chose is Team Deathmatch, it is probably not a good match.

  • The distance – this really depends on how far you are willing to travel. If you need something close to home then you will want to make sure you are not choosing a field that is too far away.

  • Are any Paintball Tournaments hosted? This may not be of huge importance to everyone but tournaments are a very fun way to showcase your skills so it is something you may want to look into.

Now, when it comes to actually find the fields you will want to check out some of the following:

    • This Paintball Field Listing is one of the best because of how it is organized. When you go there you will find a listing of the states, and upon clicking on your state you will get a list of Paintball Fields.
    • This is the other great Paintball Field Listing. With this one you click on your state and it shows a mini-map that has all of the stores and fields near you pegged (at least the ones in their database). This makes it extremely easy for you to find places that are local to you.

These two sites should give everything you need for your field-hunting. Once you find a field you think is interesting you will want to call and learn more about them (or if it is very close to you – visit the field in person to learn more about it).

This helps ensure you are making the right choice before you make plans and devote your time to something you may not like.

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