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In paintballing there are many different paintball games that can be played when out on the Paintball Fields.

Some of these are very basic, whereas some of them are a little more in-depth. Along with this, you also have the ability to create your own games.

Let us take a look at some of the most popular types that are available:

Paintball Games

  • Elimination – This is the normal form of paintballing and is one of the best games for beginners. If you are new, it is highly recommended that you start with this one. The goals for it are simple:
    • Shoot your enemies.
    • Try not to allow your enemies to shoot you.
      • If you are shot, you are classified as “dead” (which means you are out of the game for the rest of that round). This rule also carries on to most other game-types, depending on the rules that you set forth.
    • The team that is left standing last wins.
  • Capture the Flag – This is a game type that should be very common to you if you play first-person shooter games. The field is set up with two distinct sides, each of which are enemies to one another. The goal is to get to your enemy's base, grab their flag (or the item you are using as the flag), and return it to your own base, all without being shot and without allowing your enemy to take your flag. This may seem like an easy goal, but it is harder than it seems! It is made even harder if there are Paintball Bunkers between the two sides, bringing about more strategy. This is the most popular of the different paintball games.
  • Center Flag – This is very similar to Capture the Flag but instead of each team having their own, there is only one (in the middle of the field). The goal of this can be one of the following:
    • Pushing – In this game-type the goal is to take the flag to your enemy's base.
    • Pulling – In this game-type the goal is to take the flag back to your own base.
  • VIP – This is representative of a medieval battle. Each team has a “VIP” (which is like a king) and the goal is to kill your enemy's VIP while protecting your own. All other players can be considered as the knights, or bodyguards to the VIP.
  • Base Capture – This is a game-type that has a flag in each team's base, and has two different objectives. Completing either of the following will result in a victory for the team who completed it:
    • You can capture your enemy's base by touching their flag.
    • You can defeat all of the players on your opposing team.

Along with the game-types listed above, you are free to create your own! The fun in paintballing is that there are many different games you can play, each one requiring its own strategies and each with its own rules.

You could even mix-and-match the game ideas to come up with your own paintball games. Just make sure you bring your Paintball Gear, including your Paintball Guns!

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