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A Fully Automatic Paintball Gun

So you want to learn more about the Paintball Gatling Gun.

Well, the first thing to know about it is that it's not like the real-world one in the sense that you can fire unlimited ammo.

It is limited instead by the amount of air that is fed to it.

This is a very important aspect because it means once you blow away a lot of paintballs, you are left with a dead weapon!

So let us look at the pros and cons of this beautiful weapon. First the pros:

And now the cons:

  • It is not as portable as most other Paintball Guns. You will not be able to run while firing it, for example

  • The firing rate, although good, also means you will spam away all of your ammo and air pretty fast. In a game where you need to manage your ammo, this is especially important to remember

  • The Paintball Gatling Gun is heavier than most other paintball guns, and as a side-effect it is harder to hold for extended periods

  • You will want to use only quality paintballs. Due to the firing speed of these it is important to get some that will not burst in the weapon

Paintball Gatling GunAs for the game types these are good for, anything that allows you to use them (which will be up to the rules at the field you are playing on, as well as the other players you are with)!

You just need a lot of practice to learn when it is most efficient to use the weapon – for example, you do not want to use it against just one person; instead, you will want to have a pistol or another smaller weapon with you for those situations.

Knowing how to react in the different situations is something you will have to learn on your own, as every situation is different.

But don't worry – learning how to use the Gatling Gun is great fun and will bring a lot of enjoyment. It's fun being able to mow down an entire group of people while they run around.

Paintball Gatling Guns

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