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So you are ready to go out and play some Paintball Games but do not have the Paintball Gear to do so, or you just want some more information on the gear that is available.

Well there are a lot of different things to look at when you go out shopping or researching. The most needed items are:

  • Paintballs for your gun – After-all, you can not fire any if you don't even have any

  • Paintball Guns (or at least one) – This follows the same as above. If you do not have one you can not use it

  • Goggles – These are an important part of paintballing and are even required in most Paintball Rules so you do not end up blinded by paint

  • Padded Clothing – This can be either multiple layers of clothing or you can actually get padded gear at places that sell Paintball Equipment.

  • Accessories such as mines and grenades – These are fun to have but you must be aware of rules at the field you are playing on in order to know whether or not they are allowed

  • CO2 tanks – It is a good idea to carry at least two so you do not have to keep refilling

Paintball Gear

Once you have the Paintball Gear you are ready to go play! Now you need to decide which kind of gun you wish to use the most. This will be your primary weapon for the games. It is suggested that if you plan to play on multiple fields, you use a semi-automatic rifle.

These are generally allowed and are basic in terms of firing mechanisms, so you should not have any issues with it violating any rules. You will likely, however, need to read your manual (if you do not already know how) to weaken the PSI of the paintballs being launched from it.

Some games will allow more power than others, so you need to ensure you are conforming to their standards. This will also affect your accuracy, as more power means a more straight shot, and less power means more of an arch is needed.

All of the Paintball Gear you will need can be purchased and a lot of it can also be rented or borrowed from others. An example of someone you could borrow from would be others from your league or team (if you are in one) or just friends who are also in to paintballing.

For rentals, a lot of fields will allow you to rent things you do not own (such as the guns or padded clothing). This is also a good idea if you are sort of interested in paintballing but are not really sure if it is something you will enjoy enough to sink your money in to yet. Think of it as doing a “try before you buy” deal.

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