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Paintball Girl

They Play Paintball Tournaments Too!

A paintball girl is a girl who plays paintball. It may seem silly but let's face it – girls can play games just as well (and sometimes better) than us guys can.

It is amazing how many guys I have seen that have sustained paintball injuries due to underestimating the females on the other team. A gun is a gun and it does not matter who is wielding it!

There have been many groups of girls who have beat guys in games and tournaments, which truly shows that both males and females are equal when it comes to shooting each other and the making and execution of plans.

So the cool thing about this is that you can teach your girlfriend how to play paintball (or if you are looking for one, you could meet other girls who play already).

Meeting someone who enjoys the same hobby as you is a huge boost in relationship status.

Along with this, you could take some of your non-believing friends and have them play a game against your girlfriend (or girl friend) and watch your friend get obliterated.

I have seen paintball girls at many different paintball games and tournaments. In fact, they have the same chances of winning the games and paintball tournaments as us guys do! But that does not take away the humiliation your friends will make you feel if you happen to lose to one of these girls. It can be brutal!

When this happens, that is when you do the thing above and have your friend play against one of the girls so you can watch them get stomped and then you get to be the one making fun of them.

Paintball Girl

Probably the best part of playing with a paintball girl is that you can get some nice paintball pics. After all, what is more beautiful than a cute girl playing beside or against you?

Just try to make sure the pictures that are taken are not of you being beaten! If you just want to look, there are also a lot of paintball posters you can pick up with girls in them.

There are also a lot of girls who do not actually play but do take pictures in uniforms or with their guns. These are models but that does not make them any less beautiful.

With any luck maybe you could even persuade one (or some) of them to play with you as well. Just be sure to take it easy on them the first few games.

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