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The paintball grenade launcher comes in two different flavors : standalone and attachment. Standalone ones would be where they are tubes that just fire out grenades in the direction they are pointed.

In contrast, the attachment ones actually connect to existing rifles to allow you to fire the grenades from them (and since the rifle itself is not firing the grenades, you could even attach it to paintball pump guns).

This is much like the way they work in the military – by allowing you to attach them to the rifle you do not have to carry them around in a pouch.

The biggest negative to using these paintball grenades is that you can not get cheap paintballs for them. You are pretty much bound to the few different types there are, and do not really have much leeway there.

On the opposite end, these are also pretty common so many stores that carry paintball guns will carry them. Going to a store that carries them will help in allowing you to better understand how heavy they are, how they fit on your gun, and how they are actually used.

With this information you can better arm yourself for the decision as to whether or not you want one.


As time goes along and new paintball guns are released, the chances are that these will become more and more mainstream. Over time there will be more paintball gun barrels available as well, changing the grenade sizes you can choose from.

We are constantly wanting new upgrades for our existing weapons and the grenades are a very beneficial one for us to go after. Along with this, as they become more and more popular the prices should go down!

The paintball grenade launcher is not good in all situations, however. It is most helpful when your enemy is hiding behind or near an obstacle, as you can (with a lot of practice) launch a grenade behind them.

This is great because it adds benefits to your game, but remember that it also allows your enemies to get you when you are near obstacles as well.

Over all, I would say that the paintball grenade launcher is something a lot of players should have, but it is really up to you if you want to get one. They are good in some situations, however they are very few and far between, so it is not really a necessity to pick one up.

If you are looking to save a little money or spend it on other weapons, I would suggest going ahead and doing so. Later on you may come back and decide to give them a try!

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