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If you like Paintball Grenades you may be interested in the Paintball Grenade Launchers.

This is a system that links on to your existing Paintball Guns and allows you to launch grenades from it.

This is very similar to tossing them by hand, only it is spring loaded to help with the throwing process.

It is important to notice the distinction between the launcher and hand-tossed grenades, because they are different methods but their grenades are usually the same – the grenades are created to explode on impact, rather than timed (although you can also find timed ones as well).

Due to the nature of how the grenades are launched, you have to make sure not to use them in the following situations:

  • When in a building. This can easily launch them at a velocity that is high enough to make them bounce back and paint yourself. This is only really true with the timed grenades, however you may also run into a dud every once in a while with the impact grenades, which could result in it hitting you and causing pain.

  • When very close to someone. You do not want to hurt people, and the speed of these can cause some real pain if you aren't careful.

  • When it is against the rules. Of course it is a good idea to always follow the rules, so be sure to check up on them first.

Paintball Grenade LauncherI personally do not use Paintball Grenade Launchers very rarely.

I like having the control of hand-tossing them instead.

They do have the rush factor though, and many players find them easier to use due to the spring-firing instead of having to keep using their arm.

If you do decide to use Paintball Grenade Launchers, you will also want to use some Paintball Mines.


Paintball Grenade LaunchersGenerally you can carry more mines when you are using the launcher because you will have more room (after all, if the grenades are attached to your rifle, you have more room in your pockets!).

Much like with the grenades, you will need to make sure that mines are okay to be used.

Generally, however, if one is allowed both will be allowed.

Overall using a grenade launcher can be a lot of fun, it just takes a little getting used to.

Some people catch on faster than others, so if it seems hard at first that is normal. We all had to learn through experience!

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