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Paintball Grenade

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The paintball grenade is an item that is good in just about every paintball situation and can be adapted to your own paintball strategy.

This is an item that is designed to explode either after a certain amount of time or on impact (such as with paintball cannons). Both of these have their advantages and it is extremely hard to judge which one is “better” than the other, but let us look at both of them equally.

Explode on Impact

Okay, these do what their name implies – they explode when they impact something (or at least that is what they are supposed to do).

These can be both good and bad due to this mechanism. The best way to explain it is that they have to get a good impact. If they hit another player directly, for example, or soft ground, their chances of exploding are severely diminished compared to when they hit something like the wall or a hard ground.

As such, these are good for areas with a lot of solid objects but you should be wary of hitting your enemies. Otherwise you may find that the paintball grenade you tossed at someone is flying back towards you!

Timed Explosions

Paintball Grenade

These have timed explosions that last a few seconds.

The issue with these is that when you throw them (or use a paintball grenade launcher) you have to hope your enemy does not pick them up before they go off, otherwise they will be lodged back towards you.

The good thing, however, is that unlike the impact-explosion grenades you do not have to rely on a hard impact.

An alternative to hoping they go off before the other player picks them up is to “cook” them, if at all possible.

This is a dangerous method (in terms of tagging yourself) in which you hold the grenade for a second or two before tossing or launching it. When done correctly this will allow them to explode when they hit your target or get near them.

As you can see, both of these paintball grenade types have their positives and negatives. I would rate them both as being about equal, with neither being better than the other.

Both types are good in all paintball games and are available in most types of paintball stores. Just remember to practice a lot with both of them to learn how they work.

The chances are you will be able to turn them on another player in the future!

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