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Are you in the Market for a New Paintball Gun?

So you're looking for Paintball Gun Reviews because you are in the market for a new Paintball Gun, huh?

Well this is definitely something you will want to read. In this article we will take a look at sniper rifles, automatics, and other Good Paintball Guns. First let us start with the automatics vs. semi-automatics.

Paintball Gun ReviewAutomatic Paintball Guns – These are very popular among people due to the fact that they have a very fast firing rate. At the same time, this can also be a negative.

These are most useful when you are going against a large group of enemy players and need to spread fire across all of them.


  • Fast firing rate
  • A lot of rounds to “spread” across the field
  • Less pulling the trigger


  • Much higher chance of jams
  • Faster firing means faster running out of ammo
  • Generally have low accuracy

Semi-Automatic Paintball Guns – These are pretty much the opposite of the automatics. They sport the following pros and cons:

Paintball Gun Reviews


  • More accuracy than automatics
  • Less chance of wasting ammo


  • Slower firing
  • Have to manually fire each round


Sniper Paintball Guns – This is the final of the Paintball Gun Reviews we will cover, which is sniper rifles. These are interesting because they really do not fit in either of the above categories.

Sniper guns are specialized, meaning instead of being a “general” weapon they are great at some things and not so good at others. Generally these are best when used in games like Capture the Flag.


  • The best accuracy available
  • Allow you to “perch” (hide) and wait for enemies


  • Slowest attack speed
  • Fewest rounds in reservoir (if the rifle has one)

In conclusion, there are really three different types of weapons to choose from. Each of these is great at certain things and not in others. Along with this, each of these paintball guns is good for some players and not others.

Your goal should be to find the best fit for you and then work on your strategy afterwards. Hopefully these Paintball Gun Reviews has helped you, and see you out on the fields!

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