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You can find paintball guns online at great prices, from a variety of different companies (such as Angel paintball guns and Kingman paintball guns).

Generally if you get them online they will have lower prices than purchasing locally, but that is not always the case.

The reason paintball guns online almost always cost less than from brick and mortar paintball stores is because they have less overhead.

This allows them to save money and they will pass that off to the buyer.

When this does not compensate, however, is when a company charges outrageous prices for shipping.

This varies from store to store and even often from item to item. Luckily, most stores will have sales from time to time that either compensate for this or even give free shipping!


A simple Google search for Piranha paintball guns, for example, yields many results for different stores that are selling them. Once you understand exactly what you're looking for, finding it becomes that much easier.

Then it is just a job of finding out which price is the best one. At the same time, you also want to pay good attention to the company itself. If it is a company you have never heard of before, check their reviews online. Knowing this information is crucial because if a shady company is selling something cheap, that doesn't make it worth purchasing.

Once you have found a good company with good prices, you are ready to purchase your cheap paintball guns. Keep in mind that just because paintball guns are cheap in price does not necessarily mean they are cheap in terms of quality, and the reverse also proves true.

If you do not know enough about a company or a specific weapon and can not find reviews online, the best plan at that point is to hit up your local store or paintball team and see if any of them have any experience. Usually if it is worth having at least someone will know what it is and have some input.

Everything in this article also works for finding other cheap gear for your paintball hobby. You can find all sorts of things at below-retail prices from goggles to clothing to air tanks, and everything in between.

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