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At a paintball guns sale you will often find cheap paintball guns and other gear at lower prices than normal. These can be at garage sales, paintball shows, paintball tournaments, etc.

The most important thing to know when dealing with these sales is the precautions.

The biggest thing to be careful of is to not buy a dud (a broken gun or other item).

Any reputable seller will be more than willing to allow you to check out the guns fully and ensure they work.

If they will not, the price really does not matter because the chances are huge that it is a scam and they are selling non-working items. Even if they are not, it is not worth the risk!


You will often find other paintball supplies for sale as well, which will often include extremely cheap paintballs. This may, again, sound like a great deal, but you should be just as cautious about these as you are with the guns themselves.

Paintballs come from many companies and some are much lower quality than others, and some are of good quality. When you go out on the field or are using your weapon elsewhere, you want to make sure you are using good quality paintballs (bad ones will blow up inside the gun, jamming it, making a mess all over the inside of it, etc.).

The best way to check them out to see whether or not they are going to hold up is to check the hardness of them. It may be beneficial to toss one on the ground and see how easy it breaks – you want them to break with force, not just from a very weak drop. If they pass this test, they should be decent to use.

If you are looking at buying your items from a paintball guns sale at a local paintball stores, you should be pretty well off. More often than not the store will have sales on certain guns and will offer some type of cheap paintball gun package.

Just make sure the business has been going strong for a while and has a good reputation. Any business with a great reputation would not throw that away for a few quick dollars. You will also usually be able to get a warranty with your items in case they do end up broken within a few hours of use.

Keep in mind all of the above any time you go to a paintball guns sale and you should be good to go. And remember that if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is!

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