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Hi there, I would like to share with you some information about the various Paintball Guns there are.

Here I'll talk about not only the types in terms of shooting mechanisms but also the types in terms of their uses. This information is vital to any paintball player who wants to get an edge on their game.

Paintball Guns

When going out to the paintball fields there are many different types of paintball guns you can choose from. Determining which one is the most valuable to you is extremely beneficial for when you start the paintball games. In terms of the different types, there are mechanical, “sear tripping,” and fully electronic guns. Here is some more information about each:

  • Mechanical – These paintball guns do not have any electronic parts at all. As such they do not require batteries. Their shooting mechanism uses only springs and air, and when you need to alter the velocity of the paintballs being shot out, you do so by either restricting the amount of air or by changing the spring tension. Some famous examples include:

    • Tippmann paintball guns

    • Spyders – such as the Spyder MR-1 or the Spyder Victor II

    • Tiberius T-9 Elite

    • Sear Trippers – These guns can be either mechanical or electronic in nature. What happens with these guns is the when the trigger is pulled, there is a sear that is lifted inside the gun's grip and it trips the solenoid or bolt mechanism to fire the marker. An example of this one would be:
    • Spyder VS2
  • Electronic – These guns are designed to be more accurate and shoot faster than the other two types, however they are more expensive and have much higher levels of maintenance to keep them running. With these, the trigger is electronic, and they require batteries to function. Some examples of these are:
    • Angel A1

    • Ion

    • Impulse

    • Azodin Blitz

    Paintball GunAlong with the various shooting mechanisms listed above, there are also different types of guns that can be taken to the battlefield.

    These range from pistols all the way up to bazookas, with other weapons in between.

    Here are some of them and their uses:


    • Pistols – These are the smaller paintball guns, created for being an off-weapon (meaning it's not your main one, and instead is a backup). These do not hold many rounds, giving them a big disadvantage in battles.

    • Rifles – These can range from normal rifles to sniper rifles. As with their real-world counterparts, the rifles have a much faster firing rate and the ability to hold more ammo, whereas the paintball sniper rifle has a slower rate of fire and less ammo storage but has a much higher accuracy.

    • Bazookas – This is a unique type of weapon in that it is different than its real-world partner (the RPG). The paintball bazooka resembles a shotgun more than anything, in that it has multiple barrels and fires paintballs from all of them at once. The goal of it also resembles that of the shotgun, with it being to spread fire.

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