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Paintball Injuries

Painful Mishaps

Paintball injuries are something nobody wants to sustain. But the truth is that paintballing is just as physically demanding as most other sports.

Some might even argue that it is more demanding due to the nature of firing weaponry at each other while trying to avoid your opponents.

The first thing to understand is that even when being careful and wearing all of your proper paintball equipment, there are still things that can go wrong.

You could, for example, be running from someone and trip over something on the field and break your leg or an arm.

You could accidentally run into an obstacle, or one of many other things. By wearing your proper gear does help decrease the chances of being injured – especially when it comes to paintball masks.

Paintball Injuries

The next thing to understand is that if you are out on the field and take off your gear even for a second, you could end up getting paintball injuries. It only takes a second for a paintball to hit you and if the other players are not aware that you are not fully protected they may accidentally lodge one of their paintballs towards you.

To avoid this, it is best to leave your gear on at all times and only remove it when you are in a safe zone. This is especially true when you are in the middle of paintball games.

Paintball guns are just too dangerous to take chances around. Although the chances are very low that you would die from being shot by one, it is possible – being shot in the neck, for example, could cause major damage and possibly death. Even if you are not killed, the paintball injuries themselves could make you wish you were!

So at the end of the day, the most important thing that I can not stress enough is that you need to treat paintball very carefully. Although it is a game, it is a very dangerous game. Taking any risk at all, regardless as to how small it may seem at the time, is still a risk that is not worth it. Always play the game safe and do not try things just to show you are “strong,” the results may not be worth it.

If you happen to not have a full set of gear, most fields will have some gear that you can use for your outing. That alone should help show the importance of ensuring you gear up properly. And if the field you are playing on does not have any extras, sometimes other players will have some stuff you can borrow.

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