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So you need some Paintball Logos for your team, huh? This is one of the most important things Paintball Teams need.

Luckily, it is also a situation everyone ends up at some point (assuming they are very active paintball players).

After all, without a logo it is extremely hard to find a sponsor – it is undoubtedly a way to show that your team is in it to win it! First let us look at some do's and do-not's. First the do's:

  • Put your Paintball Logos on your Paintball Gear. This is important because it ensures you are always sporting off who you are while you are out on the field. Think of it as advertising your team.

  • Make sure that everyone on your team has the logo displayed. Not doing this may show that your team is not as serious as you would like to convey. Everyone should be proud to sport off who they are.

  • Make sure to act proper. Do not fight out on the field or bring other negative attention to yourself. You have to consider (as well as the rest of your team) that everyone's actions reflect on the entire team – not individuals.

  • Ensure that you have your Paintball Logos finished and on your gear before you join any Paintball Tournaments. This will maximize your exposure with other players, as well as possibly sponsors.

  • Create multiple Paintball Logos so your team can vote on which one they like the most. Allowing everyone to have their input will aid in having a happier team.

Now some do-not's:

  • Do not, under any circumstances, put a logo on your Paintball Equipment that has any derogatory text on it, nor anything considered as vulgar.

  • Do not steal another team's logo! This will cause a lot of problems later down the road, not to mention your team will lose all respect they have earned from other teams.

Following these guidelines should ensure that your logo is okay for use at tournaments and games, and that nobody will feel offended by it.

If you need some examples of great logos so you can use them to help create your own design, search Google Images.

There you will find a lot of other teams – if you are having issues making your own still, you can always contact another team and ask if they could assist with it. The worst that happens is they say no!


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