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Paintball Machine Guns

Automatic Weaponry on the Field

Paintball Machine Guns are for people who enjoy fast firing, tons of power, and like to feel superior while out on the battlefield.

But does that make these the best weapon for all types of gaming? Definitely not. There are times you will want to use the machine gun and others where you will want to (reluctantly) back away from it.

First, let us get an understanding of what the machine gun even is.

The Paintball Machine Guns are on par with the Paintball Minigun in terms of their goal and their type.

Their goal is to shoot fast and their type is automatic. Mixing these two together gives you a great way to spray a lot of paintballs over a very short period of time.

Paintball Machine Guns

While this is true, however, this is also one of their downfalls. For example, their type brings about some complications as follows:

  • Depending on where you are playing and who you are playing with, these may be outlawed by the Paintball Rules. They are just seen as being an unfair advantage over players who do not have automatic weapons during some games. This is especially true when you are looking at different Paintball Tournaments

  • Their automatic nature can bring about more jams than you would experience with other weapons. This is pretty easy to understand because you are talking about pushing out a lot of rounds. Some paintball guns are said to get 420 rounds a minute and others even faster than that!

  • Their design puts them in a way where they should be put on the ground. If you look on the front of the weapon there are stands for it to help keep it sturdy, and it is highly recommended that these are used. As such, this weapon is not really created for chasing down enemies while firing

Now that you know about the negatives let us take a look at the positives to the Paintball Machine Guns.

  • These look like the Sniper Paintball Rifles. This has no real benefit but for people like me I just think the design is great

  • Due to their stands they have a great deal of stability. This makes them good for when you “perch” (which is more or less “camping” or staying in a certain area in hopes that an enemy will at some point walk past you so you can sneak-attack them). This is also good for players who want to stay on top of a small building such as a bunker

  • Their firing rate makes them good for taking down multiple enemies at once, much like the bazooka or minigun. The ability to fire fast and spray it back and forth is very helpful in situations like that

Paintball Machine GunHopefully I have enlightened you as to how the machine gun is both positive and negative, depending on situations you are in.

As you have learned, it is not the best weapon for all games or play-styles, but it does have its perks in some.




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