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Paintball masks are an extremely important piece of paintball gear. They help protect our face (and especially our eyes) from taking damage from direct hits or from splash paint.

Either of those could cause permanent damage, including blindness. That alone should be enough to keep you from ever venturing out into paintball fields without one on.

Even if the possible damage is not what causes you to wear one, we have to admit they also look pretty cool.

There are so many variations in them that you can find one that fits your personality perfectly.

If you can not find one that does, you can even purchase a plain one and then decorate or alter it in a way that makes it mesh better with you.

What you do not want to do, however, is make any changes that have an effect on the areas of your face it covers or make it less sturdy.

Paintball Masks

So on to purchasing these paintball masks. The good thing about them is that whether they are new or used, as long as they are not damaged they are the same either way.

This is great because it means they can also be obtained at a cheaper price if you would prefer to save money and buy them used. If you choose this method, the best places to get them at are off Craigslist and Ebay (Craigslist will almost always be cheaper since there is no shipping cost involved, nor any fees).

If, however, you would prefer to get a new one, these can be purchased at most paintball stores. As they are such a vital part of paintballing it is hard to find a store that does not carry them.

If you are very daring and think it would be much more fun to go without the paintball masks, possibly due to the way they feel or because they restrict your vision a little bit, it is important to note that on most fields the paintball rules forbid playing without one.

It is a huge risk to do so and is not worth it to the field owners. This is especially true for tournaments and games. So play it safe and always wear your mask!

It is a lot better to feel uncomfortable and have to get over that feeling than it is to end up permanently blind or have other damage done to your face.

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