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On par with the Paintball Grenades are the Paintball Mines.

These are a piece of Tactical Paintball Gear with the same goal as the grenades – dealing splash damage – but unlike the grenades, the mines are not portable.

When looking at these mines there are a couple of different types you need to be familiar with: trip-wire, pressure and motion sensor.

  • Trip Wire – These are the kind that represent the military mine called the Claymore mine. What this does is sits somewhere and has a line that is connected to it. You then hide the wire under the ground (at least under grass, leaves, or something else) and wait for an enemy to walk by it without noticing. When they “trip” the wire (meaning pull it by walking through it or stepping on it) the mine explodes. The bad part about these is that they really only blow up towards one direction – so setting up your target is very important.
  • Pressure Mines – These are interesting Paintball Mines because they represent what you would see in older war movies, where people are out in what is called a “mine field” and have to hop around while attempting to avoid what seems to be invisible items on the ground. These items are the pressure-sensitive mines. Rather than having a trip-wire you must actually step on these, and then they blow up but only really affect the target on top of them and a small radius around them. These are generally circular in nature and are easier to hide in some situations (as there are no wires coming off them or anything) but harder in others (since if they are not completely hidden it is pretty easy to spot them by the bulges on the ground!).
  • Motion Sensor – The motion sensing mines are probably one of the most “cool” items in the History of Paintball, however this is a type of mine you will probably not see used on the battlefield because of how inaccurate they are. More or less the goal of them is to automatically set off when someone comes within a close proximity of them. As you can probably guess, this requires them to be very sensitive (meaning just about anything could set them off – sometimes even a falling leaf) and they are very easy for you to accidentally set off as well. The pure inaccuracy of them makes them very ineffective for real use, so you will want to stick with one of the other two.

Paintball MinesIn conclusion, I hope this has helped you learn more about the types of Paintball Mines that are available.

Even if you do not plan to use them a lot during games, I highly suggest you mess around with them a little for fun!

They add a completely new perspective to the game, causing you to watch not only for other players but also inanimate objects. Not to mention it is fun to watch someone get blasted with a lot of paintball paint.



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