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Paintball Minigun

Much More Powerful Than Conventional Paintball Markers

Welcome to the world of the Paintball Minigun. If you are reading this article it is probably because you are looking for something much more powerful than the paintball marker you are currently using.

In fact, you are probably looking for something that can fire much faster than you are used to, and in an automatic fashion. Well you have come to the right place!

The first step is to understand what the Paintball Minigun is good at, and what it is not good at.


  • This is a fully Automatic Paintball Gun. Much like the Paintball Machine Gun, this is capable of firing at very high speeds due to not having to continuously pull the trigger

  • The setup of the barrel is very close to that of the Paintball Bazooka. More or less it is in a rounded formation but unlike the bazooka the barrel will actually spin while firing


  • Due to the way these are built, the size is bigger than most other paintball guns. This makes you much more visible out on the field and also makes it harder to run and maneuver.

  • Some Paintball Rules will forbid the use of them due to their automatic nature

  • Their firing rate is also one of their negatives – they will blow through paintballs extremely quick which costs money and can hurt in tournaments or games where you have a set amount of paintballs you are allowed to use during the match

By looking at the above it is pretty clear that this weapon is not good for all types of games. Generally I find it best used in situations such as the following:

  • Capture the Flag – This is good for defending your flag, especially if you camp near your base. As enemies come to get the flag you can take down an entire group all at once!

  • King of the Hill – This is great for this type of match because you already know a majority of your enemy team will be together. Much like the bazooka, this has a great spread due to its method (you will be firing while moving it from side to side slowly), allowing you to knock out multiple people at the same time

Paintball Minigun

Other than the two situations named above, I usually find other weapons to be better to use.

These are the only two times where you will really find a lot of enemies together (unless, of course, you are playing your own made-up game).

Along with this, it is a fun an enjoyable experience for those who watch movies or play games and have always wanted to try “mowing down” a group of enemies.

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