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Paintball Models are not as commonly known as others (such as actresses), but that does not make them any less beautiful. Some of them you may know and others you may not, but here are a few of them:

  • AJ Alexander – She was featured in Paintball Pinups and also starred in other publications like Playboy (2008).
  • Pegah
  • Roiann
  • Diana

The above are some beautiful paintball girls! All of them have been published in Paintball Pinups and some have also been in other publications as well, such as Paintball Sports and Beach Models.

If you are interested in seeing other models those three resources are some of the best! In fact, you can also sometimes find them depicted in paintball cartoons.

Paintball Models

The only downside to these girls is that they make you realize that in your paintball games you may be playing with beautiful girls, and some people have problems with taking them down like they are another guy.

It may be hard but it is just a game so go ahead and play the same way you normally would – you may be surprised that some of the girls are as good, if not better, than a lot of the guys who play.

And who knows, you may end up friends with one of them, or maybe even pick up a girlfriend (or wife)! Nothing is better than being with someone who has the same hobbies you do.

When looking for the paintball models you are most likely looking for paintball pics of them as well. There are many different models, some of which who actually play paintball and others of which do not.

So you will have to decide whether you just want to see girls who you may end up being matched up against in a game or tournament, or if you are just looking for someone who finds paintball interesting and does photo shoots.

The best part about all of this is that the girls that do play paintball will join paintball teams just like any of the guys. This gives a great chance to meet some of them as they may be interested in joining your team (or if you do not have one, you could possibly join theirs!).

Now go out there and enjoy ogling over paintball models. But keep in mind that some of the pictures you will find are NSFW (not safe for work). It is really like any other type of models but you have to keep that in mind so you do not get yourself in trouble while looking.

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