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The paintball mortar is different from most other paintball guns but as such is also pretty cool (at least I think so!).

If you do not already know what this weapon is, it is like a mix between a bazooka and a grenade. I use these two to represent it because it is alike in the following ways:

  • It is like a bazooka because it generally explodes on impact
  • It is like a grenade because it is tossed in the air (technically fired in the air)

So think of it as being like a grenade that has a bigger splash area and is much easier to throw long distances (as it is launched instead of thrown).

This can, depending on how much experience you have with them, make them either more or less accurate than hand-throwing grenades.

But the distance just can not be beat. It really rivals the paintball cannon plans.

Paintball Mortar

The paintball mortar should be something that interests anyone who is into military paintball guns.

I find it a little more fun to use them than most just because they are so hard to get good at and most players can not use them effectively.

Not to mention they allow you to role-play like real military men.

If you plan to use one, though, you will most likely need to be on one of the paintball teams.

You will need someone to tell you where the paint mortars are landing so you can alter your direction as needed.

Trying to do this solo would be a real hassle and just would not be efficient – especially if you are playing against others in a game.

Also, you will only really be able to use them on outdoor paintball fields (and even so, they do not fit into a lot of paintball tips and tactics so there is a high learning curve).

Inside buildings there just is not enough room to fire the paintball mortar as it would likely end up hitting the roof of the building and would just crash down (assuming it did not damage the roof in the process).

So choosing a good field is of high importance for using these. For example, you do not want to go to a field that has trees everywhere – your paintballs would end up landing in the trees and would not make it down to your target(s).

Over all, the mortar is a great paintball gun to use but it will take a lot of practice to get it right. Just do not let any failures with it keep you down; be persistent and you will become one of the few people able to effectively use them!

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