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Paintball Pants are something every person who plays paintball should have. It is right on par with paintball goggles. It is not because the paint will stain your clothes, but rather for protection.

It is also very important that you get the right ones. Some things to take in to consideration when looking for them are:

  • The size – you want some that are a little bigger than what you usually wear. This allows for easier movement (tight pants could restrict your movement, possibly destroying your ability to run and maneuver)
  • The thickness – this is why the size is so important; the thickness. You need some that feel thick enough to block paintballs at fast speeds but at the same time they need to be thin enough that again, your movement is not restricted to a huge degree (if at all).
  • The looks – although not directly relevant to how well you do in your paintballing, it does need to fit in with your team if you have one. Blending in together is great!

Paintball Pants

You can get your paintball pants at just about any of the many paintball stores. Or, if you would prefer (such as you are just testing out paintball and are not sure if you will enjoy it – which you most likely will) you can also usually rent or borrow some from the paintball fields you choose to play on. After all, it is a very important piece of paintball gear.

So although it may not seem like an important piece of clothing to have, paintball pants are very important. If you know of anyone who has played before without them, you will notice they often have welts and bruises on their legs.

This is due to the sheer power of paintballs being shot at high speeds. Even worse is when a paintball does not explode, as it does not disperse the energy as well!

Just make sure the pants you get fit you very well – they should be thick and loose enough to still be effective but tight enough that they do not fall off (which would be entertaining to some – but not in the middle of the game!).

And above all, always remember to wear them every time you go out with your paintball gun. You never know when you may be hit.

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