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At one point I decided to go look for Paintball Parks. Don't get me wrong, paintballing at the local Paintball Fields was pretty fun but I needed something more. To help clarify, let us look at the difference between the two when we talk about parks and fields:

Okay, now the fields are where you go to play Paintball Games where there is a large open area.

These are great for games like Capture the Flag, for example.

Generally these will have something out there other than just plain flat ground, such as trees, but other than that they are pretty barren.

On the other hand, you have Paintball Parks. Think of these as being like the local playground – they may be large, but what makes them special is the amount of different obstacles there are.

These obstacles can range from a large number of things: I've seen walls, small rivers, inflatable bunkers, and even things as large as vehicles or buildings! Each of these may seem meaningless, but they all play a huge part in strategy.

For example, you could be walking past an “empty” building and be sniped by an enemy that is perched inside. You could be walking by an abandoned vehicle and set off a mine. The possibilities are endless.

When it comes to the actual Paintball Parks, one cool aspect of them is that due to their nature it is sometimes possible to find one where Indoor Paintball is possible.

Paintball Parks

Due to the fact they are designed for obstacles, playing indoors is a great way to add to the strategy required to be successful in them. The one negative part about being inside is that you must be even more aware of the Paintball Rules to ensure you are playing very safely, and to ensure everyone else is safe as well.

Overall, the experience of playing in a park designed for paintballing is something everyone should experience at least once. At least to me, I really like the challenge that is involved with it. Adding in the extra obstacles and other things adds a lot of fun!

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