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Getting the Perfect Shot of Playing Paintball in Action

Paintball Pics can be one of the hardest things to get while out at Paintball Games. You have to get the right angle, the right lighting, and take the pictures at the right time.

Afterall, the best shots are those where you can actually see a paintball in the air (preferably hitting someone).

The first thing you need to do to prepare for taking Paintball Pics is to get a high speed camera.

Although normal ones are decent for pictures of Paintball Teams, they are not good enough to really capture the paintball field as it is.

Now, you need to decide what kind of pictures you are going for – for example, do you just want a normal one on one picture or more of a battle going on?

Keep in mind that although it is a lot harder to get good pictures of situations with a lot of action, they are also the ones that pay off the most.

Once you have made your choice you are ready to find a field or other location to get the pictures at.

If you want the high action shots you are able to stage them yourself or you can go to Paintball Tournaments (where you will find natural shots pretty easily). The shots taken during tournaments are also great because they help show support towards the teams that are there.

But you have to make sure you do not do anything to interfere with the game – for example, you need to have enough lighting that you do not need any flash (if the arena is indoors). Having any flash at all could cause issues in the game by distracting the players.

The last thing you have to do is after you have obtained your dream shot(s). Before you can publicize them you will need to go to the players who are in the pictures and get their written consent to be displayed publicly. This helps to make sure there are no legal complications caused by your pictures. As an added benefit to the players, you can offer them a free copy of their photos.

Overall, getting great picture can be pretty hard, but it can also be very rewarding. It is definitely an area where you can showcase your skills to others and let others know about your great talent.

Here is a great paintball pic snapped during one of the paintball tournaments:

Paintball Pics

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