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Paintball Playing Tips should be learned by every player because everyone has their own approach to the game.

Even if you are dead set in your own paintball strategies, you should still be listening to what others have to say because you may learn something you never thought of before, and it may just enhance your game.

As for my own paintball strategy, it really depends on the situation. For this purpose, I will go with my favorite – being a flag runner in Capture the Flag.

When it comes to the good old game of CTF, I prefer to use a normal semi-automatic rifle. It is the best of the Paintball Guns for running (aside from the pistol).

This allows the greatest precision while running (compared to the sniper rifle, bazooka, etc.) and allows me to effectively defend myself against enemies.

Sometimes, however (and it really depends on how far the run is) I will use a pistol instead. As one might imagine, a long run with a rifle can be a lot of work and can take a lot of energy out of you – in the case of paintball, that is a severe handicap.


I am also very careful when running around (which leads to one of my greatest paintball playing tips). Generally I will have at least two team members with me who I can rely on to watch my back (as such, it is great to be on one of the paintball teams).

The speed at which we will move depends greatly on how many enemies are near us (if there are a lot, for example, our movement will be faster than if there is just one – it is much easier to avoid traps that way). Also, using paintball mics will help a lot with this as you can keep conversing with your team.

If I have the feeling an enemy is hiding behind a tree or other obstacle, I will send in a team mate first so he can scout it out while I defend the flag. This ensures that I don't run directly into a trap and get killed.

As you can see, I have a pretty well thought out plan for playing (and of course I did not share all of my paintball playing tips here, for obvious reasons!). Hopefully this information has helped you learn a little more about situations to think about, as knowing what situations can arise is the biggest hurdle when it comes to planning.

Just keep in mind that everyone will have a different approach to the game (like some players prefer sniper rifle paintball guns), so do not take anyone's word and play solely like they do – what works for them most likely will not be what works best to you.

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