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Paintball Reviews are one of the most important aspects of learning about paintball.

Whether you are out looking for a team, you want to learn more about the various guns, you want to check out a tournament to learn more about the rewards, what people think about it, etc., or just about anything else, the reviews will give you a lot of insight.

When it comes to learning about Paintball Guns, one of the best sources around is in resources like online stores.

Most stores will have an area where buyers can add their comments about the weapon they purchased, to help other potential customers know what they are getting in to. is very well known for this, and generally if something is being sold there, there are also reviews.

This will help you find out if the good deals on paintball guns you found are really that good of a deal.

For example, you may find a new Evil paintball marker that is cheap but find out that it is not highly recommended. Or the complete opposite!

paintball reviews

Paintball Tournaments are also pretty highly reviewed, generally in magazines or on their website (and forums, if applicable). These are a lot harder to give reviews on and everything will be biased in one way or another (really all of the above will be, however tournaments do sometimes create a little bit of hostility between the winners and losers).

When you look for reviews here you'll be mostly looking for information on the field itself (what are the rules? What is the field set up like? Are the tournaments indoors or outdoors?). This will greatly help you find a tournament that matches your desires and your play style.

Paintball Parks fall in the same category as the tournaments, however it is much easier to get solid information as you can just speak to the park employees to find out what is or isn't allowed, as well as the layout. The chances of there being anything corrupt happening in a field is pretty low since there is really no benefit to unfair advantages.

Paintball Teams are one of the easiest to find paintball reviews for, as they will usually let you watch them play, you can see them play on videos (such as on Youtube), etc.  Just by watching them you get a pretty good sense as to how they play, how they react, and whether or not you they would be a good fit for you (or your team, if you are looking for more teams to join a tournament or something like that).

Over all, finding paintball reviews is pretty simple. Just by following the guide above you should be able to find a much better understanding as to what you're getting yourself in to with the various aspects of the game.

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