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Paintball Shotguns

Realistic Paintball Guns

Paintball shotguns are an interesting piece of paintball weaponry. It is designed to fire normal paintballs one at a time, much like a rifle, but works more like a real shotgun.

You must pump it before every shot and the shotgun holds 10 rounds.

As for the uses, these could be used to emulate real battles, such as cops and robbers or games like that.

They are not designed for splash damage (such as the paintball bazooka) but they are still fun to play with and do have their uses if you create a game that involves them.

I have yet to see any used in real paintball wars but that is not to say that they do not have their place.

There are many different paintball games already made and you can always adapt or create your own as well!

Paintball Shotguns

The paintball shotguns are some interesting tactical paintball guns to me just because of how realistic they really are. They look real and they feel real.

Having to pump them just like a real shotgun adds even more of a realistic feel to using them. I have to say, these are probably one of the most realistic paintball guns you will find!

If you are unsure of where to find the paintball shotguns at, RAP (Real Action Paintball) is the more commonly known company for these. An example of one of their shotguns is the RAP68. These are available in many paintball shops but can also be found online.

If you're looking for a game you can play that involves them, there are a few I can think of:

  • Set up a team vs. team game where one is the bad guys, using rifles (and automatics?) and the other is the police team using shields and shotguns. This represents what many battles are like that you would see on television

  • Have a firing contest to see who has the most accurate shot. Although this is not really a “killing” game, it is still fun to do and makes for great competition!

  • Use the shotgun as a handicap – for example, if one player is signicantly better than the rest, you could allow them to use the shotgun since it requires much more skill. This would help you out because it gives you a better chance of winning, and helps out the person using it as they get to work on their skills.

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