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Paintball sniper guns are pretty cool because they allow everyone (with a lot of practice and dedication) to become paintball snipers.

Some players like these because they allow you to practice the “one shot, one kill” philosophy (of course we do not actually kill anyone when playing paintball), and others are like me and enjoy the fact that it requires skill to use the rifles effectively.

They are not just a point-and-shoot weapon, but rather more of a puzzle to figure out.

Every situation is different from the last, as well as the next. This alone is what drives me to use them.

If your issue with paintball is the cost (and you would like to use less of your cheap paintballs) the paintball sniper guns may be good for you.

Due to the nature of them and how they are used, you will use many less paintballs than you would with other weapons, such as the semi-automatic or fully automatic weapons. This is because rather than firing a lot of paintballs at your enemy and hoping to hit them with one or more, your goal is to focus your attention on hitting them with the first shot.


As for myself, I prefer to use the sniper rifles in paintball games like Capture the Flag. I love this mixture because it is a lot easier to find your target – you just look for the large flag being run around.

This also enhances your ability to hit the target because you can keep up with their movements much easier, allowing you to get a better lead on them. Of course this does not always work, but it is a lot better than sitting far away from everyone and trying to pinpoint people in between trees and other obstacles.

The paintball sniper guns are a great type of military paintball guns. Whether you are looking for a weapon that requires a lot of skill and precision, grants a lower cost due to using less paintballs, or just something different than what you usually play with, the sniper paintball rifles are a great choice.

If you are unsure how you feel about using them, or afraid they may be a little too hard to get used to, your best bet is to borrow one from someone or see if you can rent one from the fields you want to play at. By testing them first you can make sure they are something you are interested in.

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