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Paintball Sniper Rifle

The One Shot One Kill Glory

We've all been there – wanting to use a paintball sniper rifle for the purpose of getting that “one shot, one kill” glory. But how good are these paintball guns? How accurate are they? Can you really snipe your enemies from a mile away?

First we should start looking at some misconceptions about this type of paintball marker:

  • First of all is this view that you can shoot your enemy from a mile away. This just is not going to happen with a paintball sniper rifle. There is not enough power to push the paintball that far!

  • Next up is the thought that the rifle is a perfectly accurate marker. This is another misconception because although it is more accurate than most others, there is still a lot of things to consider – these include wind, distance, air power, amongst other things.

  • Finally is the idea that if needed you can flee from your camping spot, carrying your rifle. Although this is in fact possible, it is just not efficient. Due to the nature of the rifle and how it fires, your chances of being able to flee while protecting yourself with it are very slim.

Now, if you are still interested in this weapon type please follow along. When using the sniper rifle you will want to have other items with you as well (as long as they are not against the paintball rules for the field or paintball tournament you are playing in!).

Paintball Sniper Rifle

These include items such as grenades and a pistol, as well as some type of cover (a bunker would be best). The reason for the pistol is that if someone comes up behind you, you need a weapon that you can use very quickly – sadly the sniper rifle is not good enough for this.

The pistol allows a quick draw and shoot. As for the grenade, it can give you some cover while you attempt to hide from your enemies. And the bunker is because it gives a great hiding spot!

Although the paintball sniper rifle may seem like an easy-to-learn weapon, it really isn't. Unlike most, this weapon requires a lot of time and dedication to use effectively.

Due to the slower firing rate of it, as well as the power of it, the differences in how it fires the paintballs is huge when compared to other weapons.

You have to practice the act of waiting for your enemies to come to you, rather than you going out hunting for your enemies.

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