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Most Common Paintball Clipart

The paintball splat is a common picture seen in paintball clipart and in other paintball pics, and it has a direct relationship to the game of paintball.

It is seen as a representation of a paintball that has hit a target dead on (as, if you barely hit the target, for example, there would only be a little splatter and if you missed it, there would be none!).

A lot of people do not know how to make their own though, so hopefully this helps you better understand where they come from and how you can make your own!

If you would like to re-create a paintball splat for your own pictures or just for fun, it is quite simple.

There are actually a few different ways that they can be made (using your paintball gun, of course):

  • Using a wall, you can fire at it directly. You want to hit it from a straight 90 degree angle if possible, as this will help keep the splatter uniform all around.
  • A paintball tank (this one is my favorite) – just open fire on it!
  • Paintball masks – this is one of the other fun ones, in that it shows you got a head shot on your target.
  • You could take a paintball and just crush it using a hammer or by throwing it against something hard. This does not give quite the same splat as an actual gun but it will work as well.


As for my favorite uses for the paintball splat pictures, they make excellent paintball logos, as they directly relate to the game of paintball.

To make it look great, blow up the picture (in size) and then put your team's information on the inside, or a picture of your team. More often than not this is how tournament coordinators and fields will put their advertisements up.

If you are not wanting to create your own splat, you can also find them online just by using Google Images. There you will find many of them to choose from and you can blow those up as well.

Once you have one that you like you are ready to go create your team's logo or whatever else you need to make related to paintball!

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