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Paintball Splatter

What you Should Know

Paintball Splatter is pretty common in paintball. We are, of course, firing paintballs at one another.

But that does not mean there is nothing to worry about when paintballing.

There are actually some negative effects that paintball splatter can have on your clothes, other items, and your body.

First of all, when purchasing paintballs please make sure they are not Cheap Paintballs (by cheap we are speaking of the quality, not the actual cost).

Low quality paintballs are sometimes made of chemicals that do not wash out easily, which can in turn leave permanent damage to your clothes or other items around you.

Paintball Splatter

Make sure you always wear Paintball Goggles. This is one of the most important things to remember.

Even if you are not shot directly in the eyes, without goggles paint has a much higher chance of getting in there.

As one would imagine, it is quite painful to experience it; please don't try it out just to verify the information!

On to the gaming. Now when you are in a Paintball Bunker or something like that you need to watch for paint splatter as well.

This can be used both for and against your favor, depending on how it's used. For example, if someone is in a bunker, you can shoot the wall behind them to splatter them. On the other hand, they can do the same thing to you – ensuring they do not get the chance will help you out a lot!Paintball Splatter

The items you are using can also cause issues when the Paintball Splatter happens. For example, grenades.

These explode and splash anything around them – if you are near them you will probably end up splashed too. The same thing goes for mines, bazookas, and other weapons that are made for their ability to spread paint.

For this reason, never place these near spectators or near something you do not want painted – even if the paint does wash off (most good paintballs are water-soluble), it can still leave a small stain.

As long as you follow these rules you should be pretty safe from paint splatter. Just make sure the other people around you also follow the same rules – if not, someone could get hurt.

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