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If you are looking for information on Paintball Sponsorships this is an article you do not want to miss. We look at where to find sponsors and things you can do to enhance your chances of receiving one!

Since you are reading this it is safe to assume you are looking for Paintball Sponsorships.

The good thing is I can help you! In the History of Paintball many teams have gotten backing for tournaments and gear.

The first thing you need to do is get yourself in the mindset that you can get one.Think of it like dating – just because you got rejected does not mean you are any less attractive (in this case, to sponsors).

But there are some other things you need to keep in mind as well. First of all let us look at some things that will make you more competitive:

  • Go to smaller shops and larger ones, as well as places that aren't really “paintball” in nature. You never know when you could get a mutual agreement between you and this also causes less competition because most people only go for the major corporations

  • Sell yourself! This is extremely important because the sponsor needs you to show your value to them; not the other way around. Your personality when you meet with sponsors or speak to them plays a major role in your chances. After-all, without them knowing you it is hard to judge you based on anything else

  • Make something to help understand who you are and what your goals and aspirations are as a team. This could be a video showcasing some of your wins (and maybe even losses – this shows you are capable of admitting when you are defeated) and an introduction of the various team members. In it should also be information as to what you need the Paintball Sponsorships for (such as what tournaments you wish to play in).

  • Explain how you will benefit the sponsor. Just putting their name up may not be enough. This is where you need to get creative, and it changes from sponsor to sponsor. More or less your goal here is to show how their profit will increase (as that is what their goal is, to make money) by backing your team financially.

  • Accept denials without fuss. Not all places want to sponsor groups, and not all sponsors want to sponsor all groups either. As long as you keep at it, going from one place to another, you are bound to catch one that will like your idea and will want to back you.

So now you have your sponsor, but what do you need to do in order to keep it? This is something some groups end up forgetting and it is very important.

  • If you are sponsored for a certain tournament, make sure you actually take part in those Paintball Tournaments! Think of the sponsor as having paid you to do what you said you would

  • Respect all Paintball Rules for anything you do that will reflect on your sponsor. This is especially true with your actions. Anything you do that is negative will reflect negatively on that sponsor, and you can easily sever ties with them by doing so. This means no causing fights in the Paintball Parks!

  • Keep in mind that you can lose the Paintball Sponsorships even easier than you gained them. Try to put some time into finding ways to help out your sponsor in some way or another – it is their backing that helped you get where you are

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