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Hey there! So you're looking for Paintball Stores to get your gear from but don't know where to start. Not a problem.

There are many places you can go to get your Paintball Gear from, ranging from online to off-line shops.

Most of them are very easy to find too. Follow these steps to maximize your chances of finding local shops:

  1. Open a new web browser
  2. Surf on over to
  3. Do a search for “Paintball Stores in (your city here)”

Paintball Stores

    • With any luck, this will come up with results. If it does not, change the city to a major one located near you. There are some times that smaller cities will not have some businesses that larger ones will

    • If you are still having problems when searching for nearby cities, try changing the search term to “Paintball Guns and Paintball Equipment in (your city here)”
  1. An alternative to the above searches is to find Paintball Teams in your area. Since these players regularly need to get gear, maintain it, etc. they will definitely know great places to purchase gear from

  2. Now you should have your listing up and you can see both “brick and mortar stores” (which means stores you must go into in person) as well as online ones. When looking for gear there are still some more important things you must know though! Here are some of the questions you should be asking, and why:
  • Is the site reliable? This one should be pretty self-explanatory but you may not know how to find out.

    One of the easiest ways to get information is to search google for something such as “(sitename) reviews” or go to the Better Business Bureau ( and search for the company's name on there. Think of that site as being the main complaint box for companies, whether they are online or off-line
  • Are there shipping charges? This is one that is commonly missed when deciding if a site is good or bad.

    I've experienced some sites where the shipping charges are going to cost more than the items! Nothing is worse than a $20 item that is $60 after shipping. When doing price shopping always take this into consideration
  • What is the return policy? This is another huge one because returns are something you may end up needing.

    Whether you are purchasing something online or off-line, you never know if the item you received will be broken. Regardless as to where it came from, it was shipped to somewhere or another. Along with this, some items will come DoA (“Dead on Arrival”) so knowing you have the ability to return them is very important

Hopefully this has enlightened you as to where to find Paintball Stores, questions you should be asking, and general warnings about things to look out for.

Now go get your gear and go out to the field!

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