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Paintball Strategies are something a lot of people inquire about.

They want to know how to react in various game types, which Paintball Guns to use, and how to counter other players' strategies.

I'll let you know the bad news first: Nobody can teach you strategies. I can, however, help you learn how to make up your own.

The reason for being unable to teach Paintball Strategies is because every situation is different.

For example, Paintball Games and Paintball Tournaments require completely different strategies, just as Capture the Flag and Domination do.

Along with this, different players play in different ways. This causes even more variance in terms of your strategy for beating them.

However, as stated, I can give some pointers on how to come up with your own strategies and analyze your opponents. The steps you should follow are the following:

  • If at all possible, analyze your opponent as a spectator. This gives you the advantage of being able to watch them and learn from them without having to worry about your own gaming.

  • Be patient. Especially when trying to learn how people react to different situations, being patient and waiting until they are actually in those situations is of great help.

  • Do not warn them. You do not want your opponents to know that you have been watching them. Many players will use the same tricks time and time again – until someone hints that they are “on to them.”

  • Record them if you can. This allows for you to watch their movements and reactions many times, possibly catching on to things you did not see the first time.

  • Watch them on different Paintball Fields, if at all possible. This will help by allowing you to see if they always use the same exact strategies or if they are adapting to their surroundings.

Paintball Strategies

By following the above you will greatly enhance your chances of successfully learning how your opponents play. This gives a huge advantage in the field because you can play against their weaknesses and use their strengths against them.

For example, if you are going up against a sniper, you may find that they always hide in the same spot. You may find that certain players always put their mines in the same spots, etc. Overall, knowing your opponents' strategies will help you with your own Paintball Strategies.

Other than knowing how your opponents play, you will also need to be more conscious as to how you are playing. You want to be very dynamic. By this I mean that you do not do things the same way every time. You want to seem as random as you can so that others do not play the analyzing game on you as well.

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