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Paintball Stuff

Different types of Paintball Equipment

Paintball stuff includes everything needed to play paintball safely.

This includes the obvious things such as paintball guns but also includes other not-so-obvious things (at least if you have never played before) as well.

These include important pieces of paintball equipment such as:

  • Paintball GogglesThese are arguably the most important piece of gear because your eyes are extremely sensitive and being hit with a paintball can (and most likely will) cause permanent damage to your vision.
  • Air cartridges – These are important as they are needed to fire the guns. They come in many sizes from extremely small to much larger ones.
  • Clothing – This is on par with the goggles but is not quite as important as they are. Just keep in mind that attempting to play without padded clothing will cause bruises and other painful occurrences, so it is highly recommended not to try playing without it.
  • Paintballs – Well, this one probably seems obvious but you need to know how many to take with you. This will depend on a lot of factors such as how long you plan to play, what weapons you are using, etc.
  • Inflatable bunkers – These are not required but are useful in a lot of games. Many fields already have these.
  • Paintball Regulators – Although not always required, these are important because they allow you to alter the amount of power behind the paintballs you are shooting.

Paintball Stuff

As you can see, there are many other important pieces of paintball stuff than just guns.

Most of the above are extremely important (and will either cause you to be unable to play, in the case of the paintballs, or to take a lot of injuries during your gaming).

The rule of thumb is to go ahead and get everything together, aside from the bunkers if you do not wish to get any.

If you are missing any of the paintball gear and do not know where to pick it up at, luckily that is pretty simple!

There are many different websites and paintball stores that sell this gear so it is extremely easy to find. You can pick it up cheapest on Craigslist (usually), followed by Ebay.

You can also find paintball stuff on other sites like Amazon, and of course you can go to official websites for the gear you are wanting to purchase.

Just be sure that if you are buying the gear online you check the price of shipping! There are some cases where the shipping causes things to cost much more than they would to buy them offline.

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