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Paintball Tactics are important. Understanding how make up your own will help you better engage your enemies during games and tournaments, however you also need to be aware of the paintball tactics of your enemies.

Knowing what they will do and how they will react is important as it allows you to counter-attack them.

The first thing you need to do is figure out whether you wish to play alone or on paintball teams.

This is important because it completely changes the way you play – alone in which you take up for yourself and as a team in which you are helping other players (“all for one and one for all” definitely holds its ground in team combat).

Now you need to decide which of the many paintball guns you plan to use. Although it may not seem like it really matters, it does.

You would not want to be a flag carrier in a Capture the Flag game if you have a sniper paintball rifle, for example. On the same token, you also would not want to be chasing down an enemy when all you have is a bazooka.

paintball tactics

Keep in mind that the above also sparks the next thing – which paintball games you plan to play. Again this has major significance because it determines what your goal is.

In King of the Hill your goal is to wipe out enemies and then hold your ground – not chase after them. In Capture the Flag the goal is completely different, and again depends on what your job is (flag carrier, defender, or offense, for example).

I have found that the best way to get Paintball Tactics down is to learn one at a time the best you can before moving to the next. If you want to learn how to be a flag runner and defense in Capture the Flag, for example, you will want to learn one fully before moving to the other. It is much better (and even more preferable to teams) if you are a  master of one thing, rather than a novice at all.

Also keep in mind that your paintball tactics should be very fluid. Your mind should not be set on “this is how I should react every time,” but rather in a way that says something along the lines of “if this happens, this is what I will do.. Most of the time.”

You need to keep in mind that depending on how your enemy responds your reaction should vary. Also keep in mind that playing in a game that includes paintball vehicles is completely different from those that lack them. This is why being a master at one tactic is much better than knowing them all but not being very good at them.

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