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Want to Get Into a Paintball Tournament?

When it comes to getting into Paintball Teams many players are left confused. Probably the first two questions to come to mind are “Why do I need a team?” and “Where do I find one anyways?”

Luckily I'm here to answer both of those. Let's start with the first:

Why do I need a Team?

A team is needed to get into Paintball Tournaments, help with paintball equipment and also to help give advice on (or let you borrow) paintball guns.

Paintball Teams

Of course there is also the social aspect of it, but these are three things that are essential to making it in the big leagues.

Sure, you could go solo and get into 1 vs 1 tournaments or “free for all” or things like that, but let's face it – organized paintballing is a lot more fun than going at it alone!


Where do I find Paintball Teams?

Now here is the tricky one. You will probably go through many different teams before you find one you like (or even create your own).

Paintball TeamDifferent players have different views on the sport, different methods of playing, etc. so finding a good fit is important.

As a direct example there is the difference between hardcore teams and passive ones.

Hardcore teams may require more time than you have available, or passive teams may not be active enough for you.

So when it comes to finding teams there are a few great areas:

  • CraigsList – This is good because you will always find people local (or not too far away). There are also a lot of helpful people who will guide you in the right direction of finding local teams there
  • Yahoo Groups – This is another great source, although not always efficient. Try searching for “Paintball Groups” there and sift through to see what you come up with
  • Google for “Paintball Teams in (your city here)” and you will almost always come up with at least one source
  • Local Paintball Stores – This is more often than not a good resource because they specialize in the sport, therefore the workers usually know others who are interested as well

After you have found a team you think fits well with you go play some games with them. Do not get frustrated if they do not work out for you though because we are all different.

You may hate Capture the Flag and it may be their favorite game, for example. The biggest goal is to have fun! Now go win some tournaments!

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