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I really enjoy Paintballing in real life, and when I can't I like to Play Paintball Online. Although there are no games that fully emulate the sport, there is one that is far above the others: Unreal Tournament 2004 with the Ultimate Survival modification.

This game is the best in that it not only emulates the sport of paintballing, but it is also able to be modified as you see fit, and it can be played with one or more other players.

By doing so, you are opening the gates for strategy implementation and building.

For those of you who do not already know what Unreal Tournament 2004 is, it is a first-person shooter that is very, very expandable.

Luckily for people like us there is a group who created a modification that turns it from a killing game into a paintballing game.

Play Paintball Online


In it, you can use a multitude of guns, Paintball Grenades, and other things. Also, since it is on the Unreal platform it is also possible to create new Paintball Fields for the game, even some that allow you to play Indoor Paintball!

This means it could also be used to re-create the paintball field you play on most, to give you a better understanding of how to maximize the efficiency of the field. Since it is a first-person shooter, it gives the feeling as if you are actually out there in the fray, shooting and being shot at.

Along with the various fields, there are also different game types. Capture the Flag, for example, is a native game setting to the Unreal Tournament genre, so there are no issues with it in the paintball game.

Others have also created new game types to better emulate real-world paintballing. You can find things such as King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch, and more, allowing you to better practice for the games you enjoy the most.

If you enjoy Paintball Games and would like to Play Paintball Online, Ultimate Survival is something you do not want to miss. It gives the most accurate feel of paintballing any computer game can give, plus it has online playability and the ability to be changed to match anything you need (using the Unreal Editor you can even add new weapons).

I personally enjoy it and I feel any paintballer would greatly benefit from being able to Play Paintball Online when they are not able to get out to the fields. It could even be used with a team in order to work on strategies to use in the real field!

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