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World Tournaments for Paintballing (PSP)

If you would like to learn more about the PSP Paintball this is the right place for you. In case you know absolutely nothing about it yet, it is the professional paintball league.

There are paintball tournaments hosted by the league that put the best teams up against each other. Would you like to be on one of the paintball teams that gets to go try it out? First you will need to know more about it.

PSP stands for Paintball Sports Promotions, and is the world leader in tournament hosting by a league.

By taking part in their tournaments you can win prizes and awards, as well as the fame of doing well (if you plan to join, you do plan to do well, right?). Along with this there are door prizes after the events!

In terms of how a typical weekend PSP Paintball battle would go, here is an example of one:


8:00am: Gates and camping open

10:00am: Proshop open for paint ticket sales

1:00pm: Early registration, check-in open, and paint truck open. Pick up your packets ASAP to avoid lines!

1:00pm: Air tank inspection opens. ALL tanks will be checked for hydro and safety, and receive an initial test fill.

6:00pm: Tippmann TPX one-on-one shootout. For info visit the Tippmann trailer before 6pm

7:00pm: Goblin one-on-one duels. Sign up with "Scourge" at the Viper Command Tent (registration begins at 5pm)

7:30pm: Free concert: "Skip Towne & The Greyhounds" with special guest Craig Miller on harmonica!

8:00pm: Registration closes until Saturday at 8:00am



8:00am: All services open at 8am

10:15am: Presentation of 2010 PBWoman of the Year by

10:30am: Opening ceremonies and mandatory player orientation

Noon: Game on at noon SHARP (Be at your base!!!)

5:30pm: Stand down and prep for dinner battle

6:00pm: Dinner Battle begins!

6:30pm: Dinner Break

6:45pm: NelSpot auction to benefit Bob Gurnsey

8:30pm: Game resumes

10:00pm Stand down and partay! (Alcoholic beverages allowed after 10pm. Underage drinkers, and those who provide it for them, will be ejected from the event)



8:00am: Non-denominational church services in front of the stage

9:00am: Game resumes

12:30pm: Stand down and prep for Final Battle!

1:00pm: Final Battle!

2:00pm: Game over!


As you can see, there is a lot going on during these events, even with them only lasting a couple of days!

PSP Paintball

If you are interested in going to PSP Paintball and playing some Paintball Games, as well as the chance to win things like Paintball Equipment, just make sure you practice first.

With it being a very widely known tournament, you can expect some very good competition! Who knows, maybe you could come out on top!

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