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Scenario paintball gear is important for any true paintball player. More or less it encompasses the importance of obtaining different gear depending on the various paintball games you will be playing.

Having different gear for different games is important because it helps you become more specialized for the game you will be playing.

When it comes to paintball tactics, your gear is just as important as your planning.

For example, if you are playing on a field that is indoors and small, using a paintball sniper rifle may not be your best choice.

After all, paintball snipers on these fields have no real place to hide that will give them a significant advantage over other players.


On the same token, using grenades in a small area may not be the best idea either. To combat this, you will want to figure out which weapons and scenario paintball gear will be the most beneficial during each of your games, and purchase a paintball marker kit that mixes well with your personal style.

This is partially up to your own personal preference, as your own experience will help guide which weapons you are best with in each situation. As such, during your games it is highly important that you pay close attention to what is and is not working for you.

In paintball history there were not many weapons available to choose from. Now there is pretty much anything you could imagine when it comes to scenario paintball gear. You can find sniper rifles, normal rifles, grenades, mines (timed, pressure sensitive, controlled), bazookas, tanks, and many other things.

In fact, as time goes along more and more are constantly being invented and sold. This is one of the marvelous things that keeps paintball as a constantly growing and evolving sport. Even from year to year the sport is changing drastically due to advances in technology.

To better plan out your gear and what is the most helpful to you, the best way to do so is to keep a list of what you used in each match and your effectiveness with each one. You are bound to find that there is some gear you are much better with than other, and this knowledge in itself will boost up your game and the number of times you win matches.

Just keep in mind that because something worked well today doesn't mean it will work next week too!

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