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Sniper Paintball Gun

Weapon for the Paintball Sniper

The Sniper Paintball Gun is an excellent choice of weapons. This is something every Paintball Sniper needs to have in their arsenal for playing in Paintball Games.

Please note though that some fields or games may forbid the use of them, so you will need to check up on those before taking one out with you on the field.

This is especially true in paintball tournaments, but again some may allow them and some may not.

Probably the funnest part about the sniper paintball gun is the ability to act like a real sniper. It allows you to hide in bushes (or behind obstacles) and attack your enemies from far away.

This is not as powerful, nor as accurate as a true sniper rifle, however it does give the feel of it still (which is what we're going for, right?).

The bad part about this weapon is that you are unable to run while firing it. This means if someone sneaks up on you, finds you and starts moving towards you, etc. you are a much easier target than most others. For this purpose, it is a very good idea to carry a paintball pistol with you. This will allow you to fire quickly and up-close should the need arise.


Along with the lack of being able to run while firing, it is also a little slower compared to other weapons. This would not be too big of an issue (considering you are far away from your enemy – at least presumably), but you also most likely will not get the “one shot one kill” we have all come to love. The truth is that paintballs weigh more than bullets, and as such will have a much stronger arch. As a result, you will need to practice with the sniper paintball gun a lot before you can effectively use it. Just remember that practice makes perfect!

Over all, I think everyone should get some experience with sniper paintball rifles. It allows precision that the other weapons do not offer, plus it allows you to put yourself into the shoes of what may become your new favorite job during paintball games. Just make sure both you and the other players you are with all have on the proper Paintball Gear and you all are ready to go!

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