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Accuracy vs. Speed

Sniper Paintball Guns are one of the most asked about weapons. A lot of people have this thought that sniping people from miles away would be a lot of fun.

In paintball, that just simply isn't how it works. The paintballs weigh too much to fly too far in the air before crashing down.

Although this is true, they do still have a higher accuracy than other guns. Let's look at a scenario:

You're out on the field and the game is Capture the Flag. Your enemy has grabbed your flag and you are perched somewhere on the field hidden.

All of a sudden you realize someone has spotted you while running with the flag carrier.

At this point you start to realize that sniping a moving target with a paintball gun is extremely difficult – unlike bullets, paintballs have a lot more weight and are less air resistant. With good paintball tactics you would be prepared for this situation. Your first paintball strategy should be to pull out your pistol (after all, if you are fully prepared, you have one, right?) and wait for your enemy to come to you. When he does, you snag the kill and go after the flag carrier.


As you notice in the above scenario, the sniper paintball guns are not good in every situation. As a sniper there will be many times when you forfeit your rifle for a pistol or even just skip the shot altogether. The reasons are pretty basic:

  • The sniper paintball rifles have a low rate of fire. That's just the nature of the weapon
  • It's more bulky than other weapons and makes it impossible, or at least extremely hard, to run around with while firing
  • You can be perched (sitting still) for long periods of time while waiting for an enemy to run past you or into your sights
  • It can hold a very limited amount of ammo, meaning that every shot you make with it counts
  • Not all paintball games will allow them – check with the rules first

The sniper rifle is my favorite of the army tactical paintball guns, but as I said it is not good for every situation. It is one of the weapons that takes the most getting used to before you can use it effectively, but I do highly suggest checking it out if you have not done so already. Even if you already have a favorite weapon, you may find a new one!

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