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Special Ops Paintball - Play Like A Pro

Special Ops Paintball, while it is designed to help emulate what it's like in the military and other “efficient teams,” is also great for boosting your own game.

It helps learn how to better control your movements, analyze that of others, and even how to better use terrain to your advantage.

This, in turn, makes you a much better player both solo and on paintball teams.

One of the most important things you will need to do if you want to take part in special ops paintball is to obtain the right paintball gear.

Just getting anything won't work: you need to get gear that better represents what you're going for.

In the case of most players, this is going to be a semi-automatic weapon, a pistol and some grenades (what is special ops without grenades, right?).

If you want to save money on these, you can check out some online paintball stores, although you will still want to do some price shopping. Sometimes the shipping on items will cause them to be more expensive than if you bought them at a local shop.

Special Ops Paintball Riffle

Once you have your gear, it is time to get in the right mindset and start learning. There are a lot of paintball tips out there, and they are all transferable from one type of paintball to another. Even if a tip you read is for, say, “capture the flag,” and you're going to be playing “king of the hill,” you can still adapt much easier once you understand the actual concepts.

Watching others play at your local fields or at paintball tournaments is a great way to really see how things are done. It's important to watch what others do right, as well as what they do wrong, to help yourself not make those mistakes.

Special Ops Paintball Uniform

And as always, practice makes perfect! Even if you lose a game or tournament, don't let it get you down. Just look at what you should have/could have done differently and give it another go!

If you already have some training from the military or another similar background (such as police officer), being able to assimilate into the special ops paintball player is a lot easier than those that don't. All three have a lot of things in common, both in how they think and how they react in different situations.

But don't let that hold you back! Even if you've never shot a weapon before or seen any special ops movies, you can still learn. It's all about analyzing and adapting your behavior to match what is needed to be successful.

Just like anything else, paintball is an ever-changing sport, and this is especially true if you're dealing with competing against other pro players and teams.

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