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Spyder paintball markers are a very well known type of paintball guns due to their quality and performance.

They are created by Kingman and are a great buy for any paintball player.

As for their prices, they are about what you would expect from an entry to mid-range weapon, while their quality stays above that.

As for places you would normally see the Spyder paintball markers, they can often be found at paintball tournaments far and wide.

They will more than likely be seen at your local paintball games. Just ask anyone you know who plays paintball what they think of Spyder and they should have some input!

If you are a beginner paintball player and aren't even sure if you will continue playing, you may be looking for paintball guns for cheap.

Although Spyder does not necessarily fall under this category, they are still quite cheap compared to other good brands.

So if you think there is even a chance you will continue playing, checking them out would not be a bad idea. Even if you do not end up purchasing one, just learning more about them in order to give yourself a much better informed decision can't hurt.


As for purchasing the Spyder paintball markers, they can be found at most paintball stores, whether you are looking online or offline.

Since the brand is so popular and common, you should have no issues finding deals elsewhere as well – such as used guns on your local CraigsList or on places like Ebay.

Just make sure if you are purchasing used guns that you check them out thoroughly to ensure there is nothing wrong with them.

Along with this, if you shop around for a period of time (say, a week) you should be able to find some good deals to sweeten the deal even more!

Warranty-wise the Spyder comes with great benefits. Although it may not seem like a lot, their weapons all come with a 12 month warranty.

Despite feeling like a short period, it shows that these weapons are made for long-term use by players who use their weapons on a normal basis.

This should give the peace of mind that if anything were to go wrong, Kingman will work to resolve the issue the best way possible. Maybe that is why so many players use their guns!

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