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Tactical paintball gear instantly sparks the thoughts of James Bond and his use of high-tech weaponry to take care of his mission.

Although this is not quite how it works in the game of paintball, there are some similarities.

First of all, there are most definitely weapons other than just the normal semi-automatic rifles.

In fact, there are even fully automatic paintball guns!

These come in the forms of machineguns and gatling guns, and both have extremely fast firing rates.

Another example of a similarity is the use of mines. There are multiple different types of mines that can be used in paintball, such as timed ones, triggered ones (where someone presses a button to explode them), pressure sensitive (where it blows up when someone steps on it), or even motion sensing.

All of these act very similar to their real-world counterparts, however it must be noted that they are not quite as accurate.

Tactical Paintball Gear

There is also the sniper paintball gun, which is one of the favorites among a lot of paintball players.

This is a pretty nice piece of tactical paintball gear because it allows you to shoot targets from a much further distance, with a much higher accuracy than normal.

Although not spot-on, the sniper paintball marker is still a pretty fun weapon to use.

There are also other military paintball guns that fall in the category of tactical paintball gear such as the following:

  • The bazooka – these explode to splash targets with paint
  • Mortars – these fire exploding paintball artillery up in the air just like the real ones do
  • Grenades – these are pretty much like the real ones and come in two different forms : one is a timed explosion and the other explodes on impact. These can be either tossed (or thrown) or shot using a grenade launcher attachment on an existing paintball gun
  • Bunkers – these are a nice piece of tactical gear because they require planning and execution of those plans in an accurate manner in order to use these effectively. These are more or less barricades that provide protection for you while allowing you to attack your enemy

There are many different tactical pieces of gear for us in paintball and they grant a lot of different play styles the chance to be used.

Knowing how to use the different types effectively will assist your game in both defense and offense. If you would like to check out these items in person you can hit up a paintball field or even go to one of the many paintball stores.

More often than not they will have some of this on display in some way or another so you can see how they are used.

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