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Tactical paintball guns are most often associated with things like army paintball guns. These come in a variety of different types and are used in all sorts of different games.

Some of them are even seen as being realistic paintball guns. Some weapons, like Dye paintball guns, come in two variations as well – one for tournaments and one for tactical gaming. Getting the proper one is crucial.

When I say that these deal with various strategies, think about the following scenario:

You are out in the field and are playing “Capture the Flag.” You have a choice between weapons you can use – a semi-automatic rifle, a sniper paintball rifle, or a pistol.

All of a sudden someone starts running around the field at a fast pace, somewhat near you. Which do you use?

Tactical Paintball Guns

The above scenario helps illustrate the proper choice in weapons for different situations. In the above, you would want to use the semi-automatic, as the pistol has a short range and the sniper rifle has a slow firing rate.

So as you can see, choosing the best paintball gun depends greatly on the situation at hand (and of course your comfort level with each weapon also plays a role). Understanding this balance is very crucial to your success as a paintball player. As time goes along, you will start to understand it much better.

Although people often relate tactical paintball guns to being automatics or bazookas, that is not always the case. Each weapon is built for specific paintball strategies and over time you will get accustomed to it. You will start to adapt the proper choices as instinct rather than having to put thought into it. And that will make you a much better and more efficient player!

If you are new to using tactical paintball guns, it is highly recommended that you first check out places that have used paintball guns. This will allow you to get one (or a couple?) at very low prices so you can see what you think about them.

If you really don't feel comfortable with one, you would most likely not be good at using it in the field. So use your own feelings as to whether or not you think you would like to use certain weapons.

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