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Texas paintball is something anyone who lives in Texas and likes paintball should know about. It is a very large state and as such has a ton of different things to offer for paintball players.

Although there are not necessarily fields in or around every town, there are some within a decent distance from each one. Below are some resources to help you find some:

If you are looking for paintball fields near you, an excellent resource is ( ).

This is great because it has a listing of not only a lot of fields, but it is also easy to view their locations and there are even reviews of almost all of them.

This information can help you find something that is not only close, but also enjoyable depending on what kind of paintball games you like.

If you happen to live in Austin (or near there), is a good resource as well. They offer paintball playing fields and paintball stores in the Austin area.

Texas PaintballFor those who are highly interested in paintball tournaments, you are in luck!

For those who are in Forney (or around there, such as Rockwall, Mesquite, etc.) there is an excellent grouping of fields owned by “Official Paintball Games of Texas.”

There are a total of twelve fields and they encompass any type of game you could imagine (including one paintball arena specially built for Capture the Flag, with forts!).

There are discounts for large groups, birthday parties, military persons, police, firefighters, and a lot more available.

Along with this, they offer everything you need to play (as a rental) so you do not even need to own your own gear.

This makes it very good for when you have a friend or family member who would like to test out the game but does not want to spend the money on the gear yet. If you happen to need gear, they also have a shop where many items can be purchased.

So really no matter where you live in Texas, Texas paintball has got you covered from head to toe with anything and everything you could possibly need to make your game as enjoyable as possible.

There may be a little bit of traveling required, but it is well worth it once you are out on the Texas paintball fields “owning up” your enemies in one game after another.

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