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Virtual Paintball is an interesting concept because it mimics laser tag. In this, what you do is attach the laser module to your paintball guns to convert them into tagging machines. After, you can play laser tag with your paintball gun!

The best part about these virtual paintball guns is that you can host a lot of different paintball games, or even possibly your own paintball tournaments.

Since they are completely safe there is absolutely no risk in anyone getting hurt even while playing inside (although there are still precautions that should be taken, such as no hitting people with the butt of the rifle).

This allows you to simulate true urban combat, as if you were infiltrating a house (assuming you're the bad team) or protecting it. The possibilities are truly endless.

When playing virtual there are usually many different options that can be set on the lasers. These include:

  • Number of lives
  • Amount of ammo
  • Rate of fire


Between these three settings you can emulate a lot of different weapons and create balanced games (if, for example, one of the players or teams is significantly better than the other, you could assign them less lives or less ammo to battle with).

And since everything is run digitally, there is no worry about someone being tagged and not pulling themselves out of the paintball wars. It allows for a very balanced game that is fair to everyone that is playing it.

By hosting your own virtual paintball game you are creating a fun environment for players of all ages, as well as many types of games. If you do not like any of the pre-made games you are free to make up your own rules.

The best part, beyond all else, is that after you're finished there is nothing to clean up or dirty uniforms (or regular clothes) to wash!

The only real downside to the virtual version of paintball is that you should avoid areas with a lot of mirrors, shiny surfaces, etc. When the lasers bounce off these objects they can set off someone's system as being “hit” when it wasn't (due to reflections of the beam).

Keep in mind that these do not shoot projectiles, so if you are going target practice you will need to use regular paintballs instead of the laser gun.

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