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Wholesale paintball supplies are needed for true paintballers. Let's face it: the cost adds up for those of us that play on a regular basis.

To combat this we need to buy cheap, and the easiest way to buy cheap is to get in wholesale.

The more we buy, the cheaper the prices get.

Now, if you are on a team (especially a sponsored one) this is a lot easier to do than if you are a solo player, but it doesn't make any less doable.

The benefits of teams and sponsors are that:

  • Sponsors will often supply the paintballs for your team or can at least assist with finding good deals on them
  • As a team, you will be using paintballs a lot faster than as a single person. Because of this, it allows you to purchase a much bigger bulk than if you are just a single person. This is the best way to get cheap paintballs
  • You often get cheaper supplies like guns, such as a new icon paintball marker or evil paintball marker

Wholesale Paintball Supplies

If you are a solo player you will have to spend a lot more (since you aren't splitting the costs with others) but it is still cheaper than buying them at full retail prices. An alternative to buying in a huge bulk is to check out resources such as:

  • Ebay – there are not often sellers with paintballs but sometimes there are and they sell decent sized bulks
  • Auctions – this is much like the above
  • Distributors – you may be able to set up a deal where you buy X amount every X amount of time and get a discount by following through with that

As you can see, it is perfectly possible for you to get wholesale paintball supplies for your paintball games and paintball tournaments.

This makes them well worth getting if you're someone who likes to save money and even does things like make paintball grenades to cut down the cost of purchasing them in the store.

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