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If you are someone who uses a lot of paintballs (like me) wholesale paintballs are a great way to save cash.

After-all, for a hardcore paintballer what is better than getting cheap paintballs? If you've been to any paintball stores lately you have probably noticed they cost quite a bit if you plan on gaming a lot. Luckily there are some ways to save money on them.


Both of the above sites will sell paintballs at wholesale prices (bundles of 8-9k at a time for around $120). You can also find many different colors at both of those sites.

I recommend the above sites because not only do they sell wholesale paintballs, but they are also pretty good quality, which is important considering you are going to be trusting them inside your paintball guns.

You can expect them to stay solid and break only when expected to (aside from a few here and there, as all batches have at least a couple bad paintballs). Along with this, they come in boxes with 2-3k in them, which is usually more than enough for an outing. If nothing else you can view that as being your limiter!

Overall, purchasing online is definitely the best bet when it comes to going for discounted paintball gear such as wholesale paintballs.

If you are on a paintball team you can probably also get them discounted even more by just contacting the companies and asking them, with the intention of purchasing even more (with a team you can easily purchase 40-50k at a time, which is great for the companies).

The only real alternative to purchasing them from the two sites listed is to hope you can find some on Ebay or CraigsList.

Wholesale Paintballs

Usually neither of these methods are very efficient though, mostly because CraigsList is a local search where you will generally only find people looking to get rid of stuff (and if someone has tens of thousands of paintballs they probably have the intent of using them).

Ebay, on the other hand, just does not often seem to have any paintballs for sale. If you do manage to find anything from these two sources (CraigsList and Ebay) you will want to do a little more research into what brand the paintballs are, how they are packaged, how they will be shipped, etc.

Nothing is worse than getting bags with tons of busted paintballs in the mail!

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